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Classification Folders

Recycled Classification Folders - Best Deal

Keep your papers organized and protected with high-quality classification folders. Our heavy duty classification folders are tough enough to withstand daily use and our pressboard classification folders will last for years. Securely store important files under several subdivisions in one classification folder. At Bulk Office Supply get wholesale classification folders for low prices.

as low as $27.06
as low as $20.72

 Top Tab Pressboard Classification Folders with Pockets
as low as $32.61
as low as $39.32

 Top Tab Manila Classification Folders
25 per box
as low as $15.43
10 per box
as low as $24.51

 End Tab Classification Folders
**10 per box **Fantastic Deal **
as low as $17.39
as low as $31.11
as low as $18.28

Specialty Classification Folders
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